A Word from Our CEO

david-gantsharIn February of 2001 I was right-sized, downsized and considered oversized for my position as Executive VP at a $100,000,000 manufacturing firm in New Jersey. I’d spent the past twelve years of my career in leadership positions building organizations, hiring the most talented individuals to be found, spinning off new organizations, creating retention packages and leading sales divisions.

I began to put in place a business plan, a marketing plan and signed a lease seven miles from my home for 4000 sq ft in New City, New York. I also made one very important phone call that day to the most talented person I knew… Barb Ratner.  “I’ve got two other job offers,” she said. “Why should I come work for you?” After convincing her I’d pay her less but that this would be more fulfilling, she signed on. Before we hung up she said: “I have one caveat. It’s gotta’ be healthcare.”  In summary, it’s her you can thank.

On April first we began our first training program with seven employees and eight weeks later – on June first – we opened Merraine Group Inc.®

The story wasn’t completely happy. A few months later 9-11 happened breaking our hearts and by 12-31, we had let most of our staff go and were ready to shut the lights. “One more month,” my wife said – not letting me see her anxiety. So back to the bank we went to borrow some more money and then… things started to happen.

Within the next twelve months we took the firm from a northeastern search firm to a national platform. Today, we stand more than thirty employees strong with offices from New York to San Diego to London and many cities in between. From allied health to nursing to hospital administration, Merraine Group® has had an impact upon more than five hundred hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, physician’s practices and cancer centers.

According to Modern Healthcare, we are now the nation’s second largest contingency search firm serving the healthcare market and one of the top twenty retained firms. We’re still focused exclusively on healthcare leadership and we’ve stayed humble. Our defining characteristics are still speed to market, discretion and an ability to find the very best candidates in the market. How do we do it? For that answer, you’ll need to give me a call.

With dedication,

David Gantshar, President & CEO

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