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Redefining Search

How does a healthcare firm go about redefining search in an industry dominated by huge search firms where people are treated like numbers or by “Joe Recruiter” operating from his basement with a telephone, a computer and a $500.00 website? With Patience. With Passion. With Perseverance.

How are we different? Our competitors laughed when we said “two-shift operation”. They didn’t believe us when we said we’d stand behind one year guarantees. They were incredulous when we declared the industry’s best retention rate of 97.1%. And you can imagine their surprise when we rolled out a plan that said if we couldn’t meet a client deadline, we’d discount our fees. Guaranteed.

Are we proud? Without a doubt. However, we haven’t forgotten how we got here, and our plan is to continue to shake up this industry and offer programs that other firms will never offer because they can’t, they won’t and they’re just plain scared. That’s alright with us.

We’re not followers. We’re leaders and perhaps that’s why we understand what it takes to find the very best leaders in the healthcare industry. We’re looking for people like us. People that aren’t afraid to stand out. People that aren’t afraid to challenge “the way it’s always been done” and people that will go the extra mile simply because it’s the “right thing to do.”

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