Our Leadership Team

David is the founder of Merraine Group Inc.® and has been with the firm since inception. In March of 2013 he took over as President & CEO, and he was the driving force behind the firm’s national expansion as well as their diversification into interim & contract staffing. Prior to Merraine Group®, David spent more than a decade in senior leadership roles in the graphic communications industry with firms such as Quebecor World, now known as Quad Graphics. David is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, has three dogs and can frequently be found in airports, hospitals (for good reasons) or if time allows… sampling a new vintage.

David Gantshar
President & CEO

845.290.1900 x202

With firm since April, 2001


Barb is currently the SVP at Merraine Group® with responsibility for strategic planning. She holds a seat on the firm’s Executive Committee and plays a large role in acquisitions, personnel development and oversight for special projects. Prior to this role she served as the Director of Career Development where she helped to oversee the tripling of the firm’s revenues. Earlier in her career, Barbara was an Executive Director and Development Director of several non-profit and behavioral health organizations. Barb is a graduate of Simmons College and holds a BS in Communications Management. With a background too long to describe, we can tell you she is an accomplished author, singer and spent many years in development & community relations primarily within the non-profit arena. Her singing career was primarily as a member of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus where she sang under the direction of international conductors. When not working, Barb enjoys time with her grandchildren or for that manner….just about any children.

Barbara Ratner
Senior Vice President

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With firm since August, 2001


Jonathan leads IT, Training, Support and Onboarding efforts at Merraine Group®. A graduate of Touro College, with a degree in Business Administration, he worked as a Business Development Executive at KPMG before joining Merraine®. Jonathan has spent time in the Ukraine where he worked with under privileged children. He still yearns to be a stand-up comedian one day. Jonathan is the proud father of four children.

Jonathan Fund
Vice President of Operations

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With firm since March, 2011


Prior to joining Merraine Group®, Donald spent eleven years with Blue Cross/Blue Shield in their Philadelphia office. He now leads Merraine’s® Career Development Group where all of the recruitment teams report into him. If you’ve noticed a different cadence when he speaks, it may be because he’s from northern Scotland. He claims to have played both Trump International Golf Links as well as St. Andrew’s although neither of them went very well. Donald is the proud father of five children.

Donald Ross
Director of Career Development

845.290.1900 x205

With firm since October, 2011


Steve and David have worked together for close to thirty years. Steve is a licensed CPA and has oversight for finance and administration at Merraine Group®. He also plays a large role on the firm’s acquisition team where he holds a seat on the Executive Committee. Steve enjoys playing those games at the carnival where you have to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar and to be candid….he usually wins. If you’re a fan of the Big Bang Theory, Steve can give any of those guys a run for their money but he’s slightly more comfortable in social situations.

Steve Broder
Director of Finance

845.290.1900 x214

With firm since December, 2001


Allen is the newest member of the senior leadership team at Merraine Group®, and he oversees legal affairs – the one place where his sharp tongue and wit are appreciated. Allen runs a full-service law firm in his spare time and has practiced law in NY state for more than twenty-five years. He likes to play guitar and is known for collecting old sewing machines, turntables and anything else that collects dust.

Allen Kolber, Esq.
Director, Legal Affairs


With firm since March, 2013


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