Our Service Agreements

Here at Merraine Group® it’s all about flexibility and speed-to-market.


This summarizes our approach to working within your budget, meeting your timeline and our exercise routine. One thing we know for certain: The healthcare community is operating on the lowest margins we’ve seen in decades. As a result, you need a provider that will work within your budget. Merraine Group® offers more payment options than any recruitment firm in the country. Shall we offer a few examples? Contingency, retained, priority, rolling retainer, GFD, monthly payment plan, RPO and pay-it-forward to name a few. Whether you’re a faith-based medical center or a small private practice, we’ll model a payment plan that will fit your budget.
Oh and here’s a novel idea that other firms hate: if we miss a deadline, we’ll discount our fee! That’s how certain we are of our service and how certain you can be that your project is a priority.


Distinguish your business. Dad always taught us that one. Speed is a defining characteristic. Just ask Mario Andretti. Nobody took a corner like good ol’ Mario. In search, you either have it or you don’t. Speed is demonstrated in the amount of time it takes to return a phone call, the amount of time it takes to return a contract, the amount of time it takes to source a qualified candidate, the amount of time it takes to respond to an e-mail, and the amount of time we take for our lunch break. How do we do it? It might be our two-shift operation. Our offices are open nineteen hours a day ensuring your rush projects are handled around the clock.

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