Director of Nursing Recruitment 

Permanent & Interim Director of Nursing Recruitment

The Healthcare Recruiting Team at Merraine Group® has extensive experience placing nursing leaders from managers to directors to executives. We understand the impact of nurses and nursing leaders on the success of hospitals and other healthcare organizations. 

Our Executive Healthcare Recruiters Are Experts in Their Field

They know the importance nurses play in patient care and the difference the right nurse management professionals can make. Because the Merraine Group® focuses exclusively on healthcare leadership, we can recruit accurately for positions like director of nursing recruitment and other director of nursing jobs. 

For professionals looking for their next opportunity or healthcare facilities who need assistance filling permanent or interim nursing director roles, the Merraine Group® has earned a place as a trusted healthcare recruitment partner. 

Merraine Group’s focused executive healthcare recruiters will find, vet and interview in-demand candidates to fill leadership positions in all nursing specialties. 

Merraine Group has developed an extensive network of experienced healthcare professionals. We also help facilities fill a wide range of nursing management positions. 

We Can Help You Find Talented Nurse Management Leaders

The Merraine Group® offers an unprecedented, exclusive one-year guarantee on any retained search. We are confident in our ability to match the perfect candidates with the right jobs, which our industry-leading 97.1 percent retention track record reflects. 

Healthcare Executive Search & Recruitment 

As a company, Merraine Group® is fully committed to providing healthcare facilities with the best possible talent for every aspect of their organization. Whether you need a nursing executive or director of nursing recruitment, we will present you with exceptional candidates, no matter your location, specialty, or size. 

Find Talented Nursing Director Professionals

When you need to add to your leadership team on a direct-hire or interim basis, our healthcare recruiting agency can help. Contact us today to get started!

Find a Healthcare Executive Job Today!  

Since 2001, our executive healthcare recruiters have worked with more than 800 healthcare providers of all sizes, connecting them with in-demand professionals like you. If you are a successful nursing director leader, chances are you don’t have time to look for the next suitable position on your career ladder. That’s why it just makes sense to let the Merraine Group be your one-stop career partner. 

Because we are trusted by so many providers across the United States, submitting your resume to us is like applying to 800 different healthcare facilities. We can keep your search fully confidential, schedule interviews at your convenience, and prevent you from wasting your time with opportunities that will not get you closer to your career goals. 

Trust the Merraine Group with your Nursing Director Career 

If you are looking for your next nursing director opportunity, the Merraine Group is the healthcare and medical staffing agency that can help you find a role that matches your skills, experience, and career goals. We help nursing director professionals find jobs in a wide range of nursing director jobs. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your nursing director career, contact us today!

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